📣 Important Announcement: Version 2 of Anonymous AI is under preparation!

The interface will be better, and the code open-source.. Stay tuned for more information!

Freedom Offer - Anonyme AI

In an increasingly connected world, privacy has become a rare commodity. Every time you interact with an AI, you leave behind a digital footprint that could be used to identify you. And their is some private question you would like to ask an IA, but you want to be sure its remain 100% private.

The Solution: Anonyme AI

Anonymous AI, the platform that allows you to speak freely with an AI without compromising your privacy. Powered by GPT 3.5, Anonymous AI garanty anonymity, even us we don't know who you are, we just don't have the data

Our specificity

Ready to Claim Your Freedom ?

Choose the "Freedom" offer, you will get unlimited access for at least 24 hours to our artificial intelligence service, based on the GPT-3.5 model. For 5€ plus local taxes (depend on your country), you can talk as much as you want to our AI, safely and without any restrictions. For small conversations, you can freely use the free version, limited to 3 questions or 500 characters.

Join the anonymity revolution today, get your token and get all the conversation you need with AI without holding back, with 100% guaranteed privacy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have my payment information, how can you guarantee my anonymity ?

We indeed have payment information, which is mandatory. However, it is impossible to link your payment informations to a specific conversation you have in Anonymous AI. Simply because we use no cookies, no sessions, and no databases.

Do you keep a list of IP addresses that come to Anonymous AI?

No, not at all. For security reasons, and in order to ban IP addresses that make abusive use of the service or prove to be malicious, we keep an encrypted version of the IP addresses. This means we do not know any IP addresses of people who connect, but we are able to ban suspect IP addresses for more security.

How does it work concretely?

Concretely, once the payment is made, you receive 2 tokens that guarantee you at least 24h of unlimited conversation with Anonymous AI. You just have to write "token: your-token" into the conversation to enable the full potential of AI.

So, is it possible to abuse the Anonymous AI service by sharing tokens ?

It is impossible for us to know who had a token legitimately or illegitimately.
We give more importance to the anonymity of our users.
If there is too much abuse, the service will not be viable, and we will stop it.

Are the information shared with OpenAI, as you use their service ?

Yes, the information from the conversations is shared with the company that manages the artificial intelligence service.
However, they have absolutely no access to the users. This way, anonymity is guaranteed.

Who are we?

We are students from 42 school, passionate developers. We are committed to enable technological progress while preserving the security and confidentiality of your personal data (that we just don't have).
We firmly believe that the projects we build today will determine the way technology will be use tomorrow.